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Episode 02 Scholarships, Grants, Front Loading and Remedial Education

Private scholarships may be less valuable than you think since colleges often reduce the amount of grants you would have received by the amount of scholarship funds you receive. Your financial aid package may be different sophomore year than it is freshman year. College readiness is more than academic readiness.

Episode 01         FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Show Notes Summary Min 1                   The application is free, but that doesn’t mean the student aid is free Min 1:15             This podcast offers information about student loans and doesn’t constitute legal advice Min 2                   Colleges use the FAFSA to calculate each family’s expected contribution (the “EFC”) Min 3                   Each family should assess its own…

Episode 00 Who is the FIT Institute and What do We Do?

00-Min 1             Financial Institute Training: Understanding the impact of student loan debt on the debtor Min 1                   Rose McConnell is an attorney. Developed interest in debt following 2008 financial crash. Min 2                   Interest rates at historic lows. Takeaway: they will go higher! Min 2:43              Creditors expect to be repaid and educational debt…

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