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Welcome to the FIT Institute

Your home for student loan financial intelligence training.

Are you thinking about taking out a student loan?

Do you have student loan debt in forbearance, deferment or default?

Do you even know the extent of your educational debts?

If you answered yes to any of the foregoing questions, then this site is for you. You need financial intelligence training that includes learning:

how to read and understand your financial aid letter,

the real cost of debt incurred when you are young,

how to deal with the Department of Education and other creditors,

how to file for personal bankruptcy and how to file an adversary proceeding to discharge your educational debt in bankruptcy.

"Finally, I feel like someone is explaining student loans and the real costs of debt in a way I can understand."

Sandy M.
Atlanta, Georgia


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About the podcast

Hello! Welcome to the FIT Institute brought to you by Rose McConnell,  attorney and mom. Rose got interested in student loans while her son was in college when she realized that young people were taking on huge debt with no understanding of the consequences of doing so. She wants to help you understand the risks of debt and how to get out of debt if you already have educational loans.